Soft city

Good morning! First day of school for some people, so lots of sympathy going out to them…

These are some screen printed buildings I’ve just finished. I like the idea of house softies!

I only made 25 of these, and some of them are in the Bath Tourist Info Office shop so hopefully someone else will like the soft city idea too…!


Below are some pics of the first and second colours printed. I’ve discovered Permaset Aqua textile inks, which give a beautiful finish and have some gorgeous colours. The bottom image shows a bit of overlapping, which is an effect I really like, and I’m planning to  explore this more in the next prints I make.IMG_8361


2 thoughts on “Soft city

  1. Adrian says:

    Hi. Saw these in the shop. Really like the design – it looks just like my house. Only thing is we thought they were a doorstop…. Thoughts?

    • blockhousebath says:

      Hello Adrian
      Thanks for your comment.
      I have thought of making these into doorstops, although wasn’t sure how dirty they’d get. I guess I could make the front with the screen print and the other sides and base with darker, more hardwearing fabric…
      Time for some experimentation!

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